Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Want to know a bit more about us or our coaching services? To help you get your answers quickly, we've compiled a list of some of the most popular questions. 

Why the name ENERGYLAB?

ENERGYLAB Triathlon pays respect to The Natural Energy Lab which is in Kona, Hawaii and is a key milestone in the legendary Hawaiian Ironman. It is deep in the Lava Fields embedded in a bowl of heat. At this stage of the iconic race, you have 15km to go, and 5km back uphill to the Queen K. It takes everything you've got - your mind, body and soul, to keep moving forward. Resilience and Grit is key!

Where are the sessions held?

Running Location - Kalinga Park:  Kalinga Park is located on the Northside of Brisbane with plenty of parking and altered terrain and pathways. For those needing a change room, there are multiple Council toilet facilities available, drink fountains and also two great playgrounds and BBQ areas for all to enjoy. 

Brick and Riding Location - Nundah Crit Track:  When it comes to a safe place to cycle you can’t go past the Nundah Criterium Track - found on the Northside of Brisbane. It is a 1.2km looped circuit resting right alongside a bikeway that can be followed out to Redcliffe one way and Michelton the other.

Swimming - Clayfield College:  We have the sole use of the pool located at 95 Bayview Terrace, Clayfield (entrance at Gate 5).

What to expect at a session

First timers - no need to worry about "am I going to be fast enough, can I handle the session". We want to take the anxiety out of starting something new. Our sessions are designed for everyone - from the beginner to the experienced. We are all about growing the sport of triathlon in a supportive environment.

There is always a briefing session at the start of the session. We explain what we will be doing, and most importantly the purpose behind the session #trainwithpurpose

Will I fit in?

Absolutely, when you come to your first session we will pair you up with a ‘buddy’. They will do the warm-up and drills with you to help you ‘learn the ropes’. You will then be split into a group of people of similar ability. Your ‘buddy’ will join you for the warm-down.

What are the costs?

$15 - casual per session (includes pool entry)

$100 - 10 sessions (includes pool entry)

$40/week - weekly pass for ALL sessions (includes pool entry)

What to wear

For the run session, running clothes is fine.  If you are a beginner bike rider, just wear comfortable clothes to ride your bike - some will have the full kit - but not necessary.  You'll be hooked in no time, so plenty of time to worry about that!

What time do I get there and who do I ask for?

Please get there 10 minutes before the start of the session and ask for Mark (Gleeso).