Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Want to know a bit more about us or our coaching services? To help you get your answers quickly, we've compiled a list of some of the most popular questions. 

Why the name ENERGYLAB?

ENERGYLAB Triathlon pays respect to The Natural Energy Lab which is in Kona, Hawaii and is a key milestone in the legendary Hawaiian Ironman. It is deep in the Lava Fields embedded in a bowl of heat. At this stage of the iconic race, you have 15km to go, and 5km back uphill to the Queen K. It takes everything you've got - your mind, body and soul, to keep moving forward. Resilience and Grit is key!

What about swim sessions?

We have partnered with some of Brisbane's top swim coaches based in pools close to the sessions.

Where are the sessions held?

Running Location - Kalinga Park:  Kalinga Park is located on the Northside of Brisbane with plenty of parking and altered terrain and pathways. For those needing a change room, there are multiple Council toilet facilities available, drink fountains and also two great playgrounds and BBQ areas for all to enjoy. 

Brick and Riding Location - Nundah Crit Track:  When it comes to a safe place to cycle you can’t go past the Nundah Criterium Track - found on the Northside of Brisbane. It is a 1.2km looped circuit resting right alongside a bikeway that can be followed out to Redcliffe one way and Michelton the other.

What to expect at a session

First timers - no need to worry about "am I going to be fast enough, can I handle the session". We want to take the anxiety out of starting something new. Our sessions are designed for everyone - from the beginner to the experienced. We are all about growing the sport of triathlon in a supportive environment.

There is always a briefing session at the start of the session. We explain what we will be doing, and most importantly the purpose behind the session #trainwithpurpose

Will I fit in?

Absolutely, when you come to your first session we will pair you up with a ‘buddy’. They will do the warm-up and drills with you to help you ‘learn the ropes’. You will then be split into a group of people of similar ability. Your ‘buddy’ will join you for the warm-down.

What are the costs?

$10 per session.  A 10 Session Pass Training Card can be purchased for $80.

No need to join a club, or commit to a monthly membership fee - just come along and have some fun, while getting fit - welcoming all abilities.

What to wear

For the run session, running clothes is fine.  If you are a beginner bike rider, just wear comfortable clothes to ride your bike - some will have the full kit - but not necessary.  You'll be hooked in no time, so plenty of time to worry about that!

What time do I get there and who do I ask for?

Please get there 10 minutes before the start of the session and ask for Joel or Gleeso.