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By being a member of ENERGYLAB Triathlon, you become a part of an extended family who all share in the passion for exercise. 


ENERGYLAB Triathlon is a Brisbane based Triathlon club for Adults, Juniors and Elite Under 23 athletes.  We coach from Beginners to Professional Triathletes,  offering Group Sessions and Online Coaching + Mentoring. The club was formed from a desire to grow the sport of Triathlon and to help athletes achieve their full potential by balancing training, work, family and friends in a supportive environment. Our ongoing motivation comes from setting new goals, and supporting each other to achieve them. 

By being a member of ENERGYLAB Triathlon, you become a member of an extended family who all share in the passion for exercise. Our Adult sessions are open to All Abilities - from completing your first Triathlon, achieving your Personal Best, through to World Championship level athletes.

Our team of coaches and mentors are led by Mark Gleeson (2020/21 Triathlon Queensland Club Coach of the Year). They are all experienced triathletes, and accredited Triathlon Australia coaches, who believe in being part of the session and leading by example. The coaches give immediate feedback to ensure the group remain safe and improve performance.  We ensure everyone achieves their personal goals and at all times we train with purpose and have fun along the way!  When racing, you will be supported by the Energy Lab Tribe, who are at most of the local, 70.3 and Ironman races.

Junior + Elite Under 23

The Junior and  Elite Under 23 squads are coached by Mark Gleeson and Dean Cane - both experienced triathletes with a passion for the sport.  We offer both Brisbane-based sessions and personalised online programs

JUNIOR – The Junior squad is coached by Dean Cane and caters for Juniors 12+ that have actively participated in Triathlon and want to step up their performance in a fun and supportive environment. The sessions are targeted on improving performance and we have seen this with our current Junior athletes. 

ELITE UNDER 23 – Energy Lab’s current Elite Under 23  squad is coached by Mark Gleeson and has athletes ranging from Pro Triathletes and athletes racing at State level in Triathlon, Cycling and Running. Many have joined our Elite Under 23 squad to improve performance and take a step up in results, and have aspirations for a career in Triathlon.

Sessions (Brisbane-based)
Each session caters to a range of abilities, where the sessions are coached and tailored accordingly - to ensure no-one gets left behind.​  Come and check us out - the vibe of the Tribe is infectious!

  S W I M   (Monday + Wednesday)   

   6:00pm - 7:30pm  |  CLAYFIELD COLLEGE 
  R U N            (Tuesday + Thursday)            
   5:30am - 6:30am  |  BRETT'S WHARF FERRY
  B I K E          (Wednesday)                               
  5:30am - 6:30am  |  NUNDAH CRIT TRACK    
  B R I C K    (Friday)       (Bike + Run)           

  5:30am - 6:30am  |  NUNDAH CRIT TRACK   ​​​

Group Pricing Options

  • ​​$15 - Casual per session
    (includes pool entry)

  • $100 - for 10 Sessions
    (includes pool entry)

  • $40/week - Weekly pass for ALL Sessions
    (includes pool entry)

Online Coaching - Junior, Sprint, 70.3 to Ironman

ENERGYLAB Triathlon offers online coaching for Sprint distance, through to Ironman Triathlons and specific sports like Running and Cycling for every level of athlete. The program provides structure and utilises a data driven approach to modify the program based on the body's response to the sessions. This data is then used to develop a specific race plan based on Pacing / Hydration / Nutrition.  The online programs are developed to transfer knowledge and provide guidance to those that are looking to reach their potential at all levels.

Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 4.41.53 pm.png

Train with Purpose

 and have fun along the way 




Head Coach 

MARK has been participating in Triathlons for over 30 years and has covered all distances up to Ironman.  Mark coaches the Adult and Elite Under 23 squads.​  Some of Mark’s achievements include:

  • Triathlon Australia Accredited Development Coach

  • Triathlon Queensland Club Coach of the Year (2020/21)

  • AusCycling Accredited Development Coach

  • 16 x Ironman Finisher (PB 9:23)

  • 3 x Hawaiian Ironman Finisher (6 times Qualifier)

  • Australian Standard Distance Age Group Champion (2021)

  • Ironman Asia Pacific Age Group Champion (2017)

  • Ironman 70.3 Sunny Coast Age Group Champion (2017)

Mark understands the importance of having a flexible approach to training by maintaining the balance between training, work, family and friends. Mark believes in the importance of using your time wisely to achieve your individual goals, and at all times training with a purpose.


Mark's belief is that talent only gets you so far, ‘Grit’ is the key to success - it requires persistence and resilience with a focused goal. Grit can be developed over time in a supportive environment with a mentor who can provide leadership and guidance. To achieve your potential in Triathlon, you can develop Grit through getting feedback and continual learning. Mark enjoys sharing his knowledge of the sport and providing guidance and support to help athletes reach their full potential.

Screen Shot 2021-12-03 at 2_edited.jpg

Coach - Juniors


DEAN started participating in Triathlon at a young age and now gets to race Triathlon professionally. Dean looks to extend his experience into the growth and development of all athletes he has the privilege of working with.  His passion is working with Juniors to help them achieve their potential in a positive and fun environment. ​ Some of Dean's achievements include:

  • 2nd Mooloolaba Triathlon Opens (2022)

  • Oceania Cross Triathlon Champion (Pro Men) 

  • 3 x Australian Junior Cross Triathlon Champion

  • Australian Elite Cross Triathlon Champion (2020)

  • 2nd U23 Individual Time Trial State Championship - 3rd in A Grade for State Series

  • 12th Sunny Coast 70.3 Pro Mens (2021)

  • 19th  XTERRA World Championships Maui, Hawaii (Pro Men) (2019)

  • Silver Medal ITU World Cross Triathlon Championship (2016 - Under 19) 

Dean's belief is that no one is limited and everyone deserves to see the best of their potential.  Giving back to the sport that provides so much to him is very exciting and he is passionate about being a part of developing the next generation of athletes, as well as helping everyone experience Triathlon at all levels.​




ELT Taryn.jpeg



TARYN has been involved in Triathlons for 10 years and participating in running events up to marathon distance. Taryn has participated in all distances from Sprint to Ironman - including 6 Ironmans, 18 Half Ironmans and 4 Marathons. 


Since joining Energy Lab Triathlon in 2018, Taryn’s skill development has improved immensely resulting in some noteworthy results: 

  • Triathlon Australia Accredited Foundation Coach

  • National Champion Olympic Distance (35-39) (2019)

  • 3rd Ironman Australia (35-39) and 4th Female amateur overall (2019)

  • 1st Springfield Marathon female winner (2018)

  • 3rd female Park2Park half marathon (2018)

Taryn believes firstly you must have fun - some sessions will test you mentally and physically but ultimately we have to have fun.  Secondly, she believes one of the key factors, often overlooked, is confidence - your ability to fully believe in your ability to achieve your goals. You may have all of the ability in the world but without confidence, you won’t have the belief to “shoot for the stars” and “step outside your limits”.  



ELT Lisa.jpeg

Coach - Beginners


LISA competed in her first Triathlon in 2012.  She got involved in Triathlons as a result of having to stop playing Hockey due to injury.  Doctors said to her "either fuse your foot or stop playing hockey" - so she chose Triathlon!

Lisa is a Triathlon Australia Accredited Foundation Coach and focuses on the Beginner / All Abilities and knows how to go from Beginner through to Ironman 70.3.  She balances her love of Triathlon with a corporate career.


Lisa focused on sprint Triathlons until 2018, as she could not swim very well due to needing a shoulder re-construction, which she got in mid 2017.  She went full steam after that - racing in her first Olympic Triathlon at Noosa in 2018, then her first Ironman 70.3 at Western Sydney three weeks later. 

Lisa has inherent Grit - she chooses a goal and focuses on achieving it.


6:00pm - 7:30pm

The swim sessions are Triathlon specific where we focus on  technique and open water swimming skills. 


These sessions cater for someone new to swimming who wants to complete their first Triathlon, through to those who are more experienced and want to improve their technique and open water swimming.

Clayfield College Swimming Pool 
95 Bayview Terrace, Clayfield
(entrance at Gate 5)


5:30am - 6:30am

The Bike sessions are designed by Gleeso who has 30 years of experience riding and racing bikes. The key focus of these sessions is group and individual riding catering for all abilities through to experienced riders. 

The sessions are conducted at Nundah Crit Track which is only open for cyclists, allowing us to target specific sessions without the risks of riding on the road. 


Nundah Crit Track
111 Hedley Avenue, Nundah

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 7.10.47 pm.png

5:30am - 6:30am

The Run sessions are open to all abilities with everyone starting and finishing together.  It is a coached session where you will receive feedback on your running technique.


Tuesday Run is a Threshold session  which is designed to improve run pace and running off the bike. 

Thursday Run is an Interval Session - the focus of this session is on improving your run speed and efficiency.


There is a broad range of abilities at these sessions and they are open to everyone.

Brett's Wharf Ferry Terminal, Hamilton

BRICK (Bike + Run)

5:30am - 6:30am

The Brick session is designed to be race specific and improve the transition from Bike to Run.  The format of the session is to improve the transition technique, mount and dismount.

From a performance perspective, we also do intervals which are designed to improve speed. The bike is non-drafting to teach everyone to maintain the draft distance. The run is typically at race pace.

During the Triathlon season the Brick session is one of the most popular, as it is fun and high energy!



Nundah Crit Track
111 Hedley Avenue, Nundah



Online Coaching

ENERGYLAB  offers online coaching globally for Sprint distance, through to Ironman Triathlons and specific sports like Running and Cycling. The online programs are tailored to suit every level of athlete (Pros, Elite U23, Juniors and  Age Groupers including Beginners) and are  developed to transfer knowledge and provide guidance to those that are looking to reach their potential.   All programs are tailored and include:

  • Individual training program delivered via Training Peaks

  • Unlimited communication and program changes - we monitor the program based on the body's response to the sessions

  • Race plan for events (including Pacing / Hydration / Nutrition)

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 2.46.16 pm.png


This program is designed specifically for short course Triathlons through to Olympic distance Triathlons (Noosa and Mooloolaba) and is tailored for all levels - from beginners and those new to triathlon, to the experienced athlete.


The program is tailored and adjusted  based on fatigue levels and race focus. The sessions are shorter in nature with a higher intensity. 

Online Cost: $30/week

Online + All Group Sessions: $50/week


This program provides structure utilising specific sessions to develop speed and endurance. We focus on developing the training behaviours to have a sustainable training/life balance with a whole of athlete approach. The program utilises the data from sessions to develop a Pacing/Hydration/Nutrition race plan.

The schedule and sessions are continually altered depending on life commitments, training load and the body's response to sessions. We focus on a training/life balance to ensure the schedule is sustainable.

We look beyond the race and ensure training is maintained to become part of life.

The end result of this program is to take your knowledge of yourself and the sport to another level and prepare you for Ironman or Ironman 70.3 races.

Online Cost: $40/week

Online + All Group Sessions: $60/week



"Best Club and Coaches hands down! I have never had such care, guidance and support from any other club in my years of training. Definitely one of a kind and I am over the moon to be part of the Tribe!"

"Great coaches make great clubs .. inspire & motivate athletes to be the best version of themselves & reach their full potential"

"We are incredibly lucky to be able to learn from someone so knowledgable and passionate"

"If there was ever a great example of the 'come what may' positive attitude that this year needed, it's this club - for all its people, by all its people, led by an incredible team of coaches and the #ubercoach himself" 

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 4.59.38 pm.png

Stronger Together







Thank you for contacting us!


SWIM      Monday PM + Wednesday PM
                        Clayfield College Pool (Gate 5)
                        95 Bayview Tce, Clayfield

RUN          Tuesday AM + Thursday  AM

                        Brett's Wharf Ferry Terminal
BIKE         Wednesday AM   
                        Nundah Crit Track

BRICK     Friday AM                        

                        Nundah Crit Track




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